Form A - Proxy Appointment
Section 56. Use this form to appoint a proxy for specific meetings and resolutions.
Form B - Information Certificate
Section 59. Form outlining Strata Plan details and information.
Form C - Mortgagee's Request for Notification
Section 60; Regulations section 4.5. Mortgagee application to receive notifications (e.g. money owed).
Form D - Strata Corporation Change of Mailing Address
Section 62(3). Application to change Strata Corporation mailing address.
Form E - Certificate of Strata Corporation
Sections 78, 79, 80, 100, 214, 257, 259, 261, 262, 263, 266, 269, 274, 283 of the Act and sections 17.20 to 17.22 of the Regulation.
Form F - Certificate of Payment
Section 115. Form acknowledging status of payment to Strata corporation.
Form G - Certificate of Lien
Section 116. Form acknowledging Strata owner's payment due.
Form H - Acknowledge of Payment
Section 116 (6). Strata Plan payment receipt.
Form I - Amendment to Bylaws
Section 128. Use this form to pass a bylaw amendment in your Strata Plan.
Form J - Rental Disclosure Statement
Section 139. Form outlining Strata renting details, Lot numbers, and expiry dates.
Form K - Notice of Tenant's Responsibilities
Section 146. Form outlining agreement and responsibilities of Strata corporation tenant.
Form L - Notice Beginning Arbitration
Section 179. Form to initiate Strata Owner arbitration process.
Form M - Notice of Reply
Section 179. Response to notice of dispute arbitration.
Form N - Notice Responding to Reply
Section 179. Response to notice of reply to notice of dispute arbitration.
Form O - Leasehold Strata Plan Schedules
Sections 206, 214. Notice of Strata lease and purchase.
Form P - Phased Strata Plan Declaration
Sections 221, 222. Declaration of intent to develop Strata plan.
Form Q - Endorsement of Approval for Phased Strata Plan
Section 224; Regulations section 14.5 (1).
Form R - Endorsement for Common Facilities in Phased Strata Plan
Section 225; Regulations section 14.5 (2).
Form S - Endorsement of Nonoccupancy
Section 241, Regulations, section 14.5 (3). Declaration of nonoccupancy - to be filled in by BC land surveyors.
Form T - Endorsement by Approving Authority
Section 242; Regulations section 14.5 (4). Approval form for converting buildings to under Strata Property Act.
Form U - Endorsement of Surveyor
Section 244 (1)(f); Regulations section 14.5 (5). Land surveyor endorsement for Strata plan development.
Form V - Schedule of Unit Entitlement
Sections 245 (a), 246, 264.
Form W - Schedule of Voting Rights
Sections 245 (b), 247, 248, 264. Voting rights and allocation for Strata lots.
Form X - Strata Corporation Mailing Address
Section 245 (c); Regulations section 14.6 (1). Declaration of Strata Corporation mailing address.
Form Y - Owner Developers' Notice of Different Bylaws
Section 245 (d), Regulations section 14.6(2). Declaration of differences between Strata Plan bylaws and Strata Property Act.
Form Z - Application to Deposit Strata Plan
Regulations section 14.9.
Form Z.1 - Amended Schedule of Interest on Destruction
Sections 17.20 and 17.21 of this regulation.
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